About us

“ECO-Conseil Association” - Romania was established in 1995, like an umbrella organization and today administrates several projects also in Eco and Bio agriculture, one of this is “Agro Green Fond”.

“ECO-Conseil Association” Romania is a non-profit consulting, professional organization covering the Economical, Environmental and Social-Charity field, with about 20 years experience in Romanian market, but also some other European market like France, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Uk.
In 2007 we founded a new AGRO - Land Department  dealt mainly with real estate brokerage and acquisition of agricultural land, as well as their management.

Our experience

  • Our team members, together with our partners own and farm or rent out over 5,000ha of prime farm land in Romania;
  • We have put together more purchase contracts in Romania for large and small parcels of farm land than any other single independent company, to date around 12,500ha, during the previous 3 years;
  • We have already selected and tested quality and trustworthy local farmers who are prepared to farm the land;
  • We have the complete team in place with whom we have worked for a number of years to handle the whole purchase and sale process;
  • We are one of the leading suppliers in Romania growing and arranging energy grass and rhizomes.

Best Investment in Romanian Agricultures - strategy is focused on investing in agricultural businesses and projects in Romania and exported around the world where it is needed.  ROMANIAN INVESTMENT AGRICULTURE ASSOCIATION is a new project open association which will play the role to develop Agriculture projects like: Agro Green Fond, Pro-Expo for Agriculture, Romanian Agro-Export solutions, Romanian Bio Honey, etc

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